US TOOL UST-FIP283 Fiber Inspection Probe

Product Description

UST-FIP283 Fiber Inspection Probe


UST-FIP283 Handheld Fiber Optic Inspection Probe is a portable video microscope used to examine installed fiber terminations or ensure terminations are smooth and clean. It can inspect all kinds of fiber optic terminations, especially the female ones. It eliminates the need to access the backside of patch panels or disassemble hardware devices before the inspection.


Product Name: Inspection Probe Microscope

Model Number         : Magnification 250 times

Display Screen          : 3.5” TFT Display Screen LCD
Resolution Ratio      : 0.5 um Video

Output                       : NTSC / PAL
Weight                      : 1.5 kg

Power Supply          : 3.7 V 4500 m A / 5 V 1 A Li Battery
Work Temp.            : – 2 0 degree Celsius~ + 50 degree Celsius

Storage Temp.        : -30 degree Celsius ~ +60 degree Celsius


1. Fiber Optic Inspection Probe Microscope
Ergonomic design and controls for easy one-hand operation unique optics architecture and comprehensive selection of precision inspection tips.
2. Universal Adapters for Inspection
Using in both multi-mode and single-mode fiber end face analysis, integrated functions and features eliminate switching between different devices.
3. High Precision 3.5’’ TFT-Display Screen LCD
Viewing connector end faces on a video screen, no latency delay. Digitally analyze end faces for dust, dirt, finger oil, scratches, pits, and other anomalies.
4. Elastometric Boot & Brightness Adjustment
Shatter-Resistant, anti-slip, wear-resistant. Adjust the brightness when inspecting the end face to get a clear view.

The USB converter can connect with your PC to display the end-face condition.

The standard accessories include:
• Handheld Inspection Probe
• 3.5’’ Monitor
• Charger
• User Manual
• Carrying Bag
• USB 2.0 Converter
• 25-U-M Connector: test FC/SC/ST/E2000 patch cord UPC male connector
• 125-U-M Connector: test LC/MU patch cord UPC male connector
• FC-PC-F Connector: test FC/UPC inside bulkhead female connector
• SC-PC-F Connector: test SC/UPC inside bulkhead female connector
• LC-U-F Connector: test LC/UPC inside bulkhead female connector.

Optional accessories include:
• 25-A-M: test FC/SC/ST/E2000 patch cord APC male connector,
• 125-A-M: test LC/MU patch cord APC male connector,
• SC-A-F: test SC/APC inside bulkhead female connector,
• FC-A-F: test FC/APC inside bulkhead female connector,
• LC-A-F: test LC/APC inside bulkhead female connector,
• ST-U-F: test ST/UPC inside bulkhead female connector.