Temperature / Humidity / Dew Point Meter


Prosikt MT-4616, Temperature / Humidity / Dew point Meter


Ideal for metallurgy, electronics, chemical contamination, or other high-temperature environment and more


  • Tests ambient temperature, relative humidity, wet Bulb, dew Point temperature
  • Data memory up to 99 memories
  • Unit °F/°C selection
  • High Precision & Portable for measuring
  • Extra functions: Max./Min. value、Low battery indication、Auto power off、 Backlight、Date hold


Temperature Range-20~60°C(- 4°F~140°F)
Temperature Accuracy±1°C(0~45°C), ±1.5°C(-20~0°C, 45~60°C)
Humidity Range0~100%RH
Humidity Accuracy±3%(20%~80%), ±4%(0~20%, 80%~100%)
Wet Bulb Temperature Range-20~60°C(-4~140°F)
Wet Bulb Temperature Accuracy±1°C(0~45°C), ±1.5°C(-20~0°C, 45~60°C)
Dew Point Range-50~60°C(-58~140°F)
Dew Point Accuracy±1°C(0~45°C), ±1.5°C(-50~0°C, 45~60°C)
Resolution0.1C/F ; 0.1%
Data MemoryMax. 99 of data
Unit selection°C / °F
Auto power offAfter 30mins, on/off selection
Power sourceAAA 1.5V x 4 (not included)
Weight114g(not including battery)
Dimension184 x 60 x 29mm
AccessoriesStorage Bag、Instruction Manual