Proskit SS-595B, Smoke Absorber


Proskit SS-595B, Smoke Absorber


  • Absorber / Fan Dual Functions
    • As absorber to remove soldering smoke and fumes quickly, safely and efficiently from soldering workspace.
    • As a fan to cool down target objects.
  • 23W Brushless Motor
    • Guarantees long service life and offers quiet work environment.
  • Stepless Air Volume
    • Adjustable stepless air volume from 0.2~1m3 / min as per varying requirement.
  • 9 Adjustable Angle
    • Allows users to adjust the absorber to varying angles without tools.
  • Easy-to-Change Filter Design
    • Fumes are absorbed by the replaceable carbon- activated filter, it’s easy to replace without removing cover.
  • 2 Way Placement
    • You can easily hang it on the top or stand on the desk.


Model No.SS-595B
Voltage220-240V~ 50HZ
Power CodeB type 1.3M
Dimension220 x 220 x 145mm
Accessories1pc Filter
Optional AccessoriesPart #. 5SS-593-F Activated-Carbon Filter
Size: 130x130x10mm(1pc / bag)