Proskit SI-B161, Battery Operated Soldering Iron


Proskit SI-B161, Battery Operated Soldering Iron


  • Fast start-up feature to reach 365ºF/185ºC in 12 seconds.
  • One tip changer tool,  and a safety cap(included).
  • Equivalent to a 9 Watt iron at 450ºC max.
  • Lightweight and completely portable.
  • Solder up to 160 joints with fully charged batteries.
  • Approximately 30 minutes of continuous use.
  • Long life, iron-plated tip.


Outer dimensions (w/o cap) soldering iron (mm)

190 (L) x 38.3 (H) x 21.8 (W)

Operating time

Approx. 30 minutes continuous use with new battery

Approximate temp. of soldering tip

9W (max) / 840°F (450°C)

Time to reach operating temp.

365°F/185°C in 12 seconds

Approx. nos. of solder joints intermittently

160 joints / using new batteries
Replacement tip

9SI-B161-T long life, iron-plated, anti-corrosion

  • Battery
  • Three 1.5V Alkaline AA