Proskit PK-2061, Solar MC3 & MC4 Crimping Tool Kit


Proskit PK-2061, Solar MC3 & MC4 Crimping Tool Kit


This is a complete tool kit to install MC3 & MC4 solar connectors easily and accurately.
1. The Parallelaction crimper features consistent and accurate performance
2. Universal solar cable stripper, specially design stripping with adjustable length stop for reliable stripping of the double layer insulated cables (2.5 – 6.00 mm²)
3. Heavy-duty Forged Cable Cutter with high leverage Jaw and shear blade for a clean cut without damage.
4. Includes 2 pcs MC4 and MC4 PLUS open-end spanner and unlocking tool to help you open the locking device, secure and tighten the cable gland.
5. Prosoft screwdrivers for PV junction box installation
CP-3006FParallel Action Crimper frame
CP-5S1DDie set for MC 3 solar connector
(Multi-Contact) & 2.5/4/6m2
(AWG 14/12/10) solar cable.
CP-5S2DDie set for MC 4 solar connector
(Multi-Contact) & 2.5/4/6m2
(AWG 14/12/10) solar cable.
CP-246Universal solar cable stripper, for
2.5/4/6m2 (AWG 14/12/10) solar cable
8PK-A202Forging cable cutter (160mm), for copper
cable: 25mm² flexible
9HW-MC42 Pcs Open-end spanner and unlocking
tool (MC4 and MC4 PLUS)
9SD-202APro-soft screwdriver 5x75mm
9SD-207BPro-soft screwdriver #2 x100mm
9Z-940KPCarrying zipper bag-280×197×70(mm)