Proskit MT- 2019 Protective Multifunction Analog Multimeter


LED & hFE Test
Capacitance Measurement
New Mechanism Design
Overload Protection
Gilded Test Lead


DCV0.1/2.5/10/50/250V ±3.0%FSD, 1000V ±4.0%FSD
ACV10/50/250V ±4.0%FSD, 1000V±5.0%FSD
DCA0.05/2.5/25/250 mA ±3.0%FSD
Resistance×1(0.2~2kΩ)/ ×10(2~20kΩ)/ ×100(20~200kΩ)/
×1k(200~2MΩ)/ ×10kΩ(2k~20MΩ) ±4.0%ARC of scale length
CapacitanceC(RX1K):2000uF (Approx.)Max
Battery check1.5V/9V
Transistor hFE testhFE: 0-1000
Diode & LED testY
Continuity with beeperY
Front Panel ControlsRange selector switch with “OFF”
position, 0Ω adjust knob
Power source1.5V AAA x2 & 9V(NEDA1604) x1 (Not Included)
Size160 x 105 x 40 mm
Individual packingColor box