Jonard Tools TETP-800 Cable Tester Tone & Probe Kit


Designed to quickly trace and identify cables, wires, and wire pairs, the Jonard Tools TETP-800 tone and probe kit is the perfect kit for any Voice Data Video (VDV) professional. This kit features the following:

Tester & Tone Generator:

  • Provides tone via built-in RJ11 plug adapter or alligator clips
  • Works with our TEP-100 tracing probe or others to identify cables
  • Able to test the continuity of cables and the polarity of telephone lines
  • Includes (1) 9V battery required for operation

Tracing Probe:

  • Plastic probe tip prevents accidental shorts
  • Adjustable volume knob to work silently or to hear tone more easily
  • Works with many other manufacturers’ analog tone generators
  • Includes (1) 9V battery required for operation



Wire Toning & Tracing


(2) Alligator Clips, (1) RJ11

Max Distance

1.86 mi (3000 m)


CE Standards

Battery Type

(2) 9V included

UPC #811490018273