Jonard Tools FS-1080 Thin-walled Microduct Scoring Tool, 5–16 mm


The Jonard Tools Microduct Scoring Tool is perfect for scoring and ringing 10/8 and 12/10 fiber-optic micro ducts without damaging the fibers inside. This scoring tool features the following:


  • Unique design allows you to score and ring 10/8, 12/10, and 14/12 fiber-optic micro ducts without any adjustments to the tool
  • Perfect for micro ducts 5 mm-16 mm (0.20″-0.63″) in diameter with a wall thickness of 1.0 mm-1.3 mm
  • Wide jaws curl around the micro ducts, holding them in place while scoring
  • Spring-loaded butterfly clip makes it easy to open and position it perfectly on microducts
  • Includes the FS-1080RB blade for 10/8 and 12/10 but is also compatible with FS-1416RB blades for 14/10 and 16/10 fiber-optic micro ductsReplacement Blades available: FS-1080RB & FS-1416RB


Microduct Wall Thickness

1.0 mm-1.3 mm (0.039″-0.051″)

Microduct Diameter Range

5.0-16.0 mm (0.20″-0.63″)

Blade Depth

1 mm (0.039″)

UPC #811490017917