Insulating Rubber Gloves


  • KAMFET Rubber Insulating Gloves protect the people working on live voltages or in the proximity of electrical installations from electrical shocks.
  • Used for a wide range of voltages from 500 V AC up to 36000 V AC.


ClassificationMax Working VoltageProof Test VoltageWithstand VoltageMax use Voltage (DC)
Class 00500 AC2,500 AC5,000 AC750 DC
Class 01,000 AC5,000 AC10,000 AC1500 DC
Class 17,500 AC10,000 AC20,000 AC11250 DC
Class 217,000 AC20,000 AC30,000 AC25500 DC
Class 326,500 AC30,000 AC40,000 AC39750 DC
Class 436,000 AC40,000 AC50,000 AC54000 DC

Technical Information:

Palm sizes: 7,8,9,10,11,12
Length: 280mm,360mm,410mm
Category:  Class 00  – AZC | Class 0 – 4 – RC
Passed extreme low temperature test
Resistant to Acid, Ozone, Oil
Ergonomic design provides comfort for longer working hours
Must be used with leather over gloves for mechanical hazard protection
Powder free