Fiber Optical Light Source


Proskit MT-7801, Fiber Optical Light Source


Stability and Reliability Output

  • Built-in optic isolator, larger and more stable compared to the desktop source.

Full Range Supply

  • MT-7801 provides a single mode 1310/1550 wavelength light source
  • MT-7802 provides a multi-mode 850/1300 wavelength light source
  • MT-7803 provides a single mode 1310/1490/1550 wavelength light source

Supports SC/PC

  • Supports SC/PC connectors

LCD with Backlight

  • Easily reading and allowing work in a dark area.


  • In WaveID mode, it will encode each wavelength with a unique WaveID code; output the same wavelength automatically to identify the wavelength. (Work with Pro’sKit MT-7601& MT-7603 power meter)

Selection of 3 Modulations, distinguish OPTIC fiber line

  • 270Hz, 1KHz, 2KHz

Easy Operation

  • Designed with a single key to switch the wavelength, easy,
  • flexible and convenient.

User friendly

  • Power by Battery, more convenient.
  • Comes with DC5V power jack allows charging the rechargeable battery with. DC input (adaptor is not included) when using the rechargeable battery.
  • Auto power off.
  • Protective rubber boot with a soft protective case.


  • Power jack