29AK53 Pry Bar Dolly


  • Lever dollies are used to raise one edge or corner on heavy machinery, crates, or pallets so that dollies or other equipment can be placed underneath them. Also known as pry bars or Johnson bars, they are often used in pairs.
  • They have a metal nose plate that slides under the equipment to be lifted, and they have a long handle that provides leverage to lift the equipment. They also have wheels and can roll when moving or repositioning the equipment. 
  • These lever dollies have a steel handle that is welded to their steel nose plate.
  • The dollies have a rear foot bar that helps operators push the nose plate underneath heavy loads.
Description Dimensions
Load Capacity 5.000lb
Frame Material Steel
Frame Finish Powder Coated
Nose Plate Depth 3-1/2 in
Nose Plate width 6 in
Handle Length 60 in
Handle Material Steel
Nose Plate Type straight
Nose Plate Profile Beveled
Nose Plate Material Steel
Nose Plate Finish Powder Coated
Nose Plate Thickness 1/2 in (12.7mm)
Base Plate 24 in (60.96mm)
Color Grey
Includes Foot Assist With foot assist
Foot Assist 6.69 in (170mm)
Wheel Diameter 5.71 in (145mm)
Wheel Width 1.77 in (45mm)
Wheel Bearings Roller
Axle Dia. 5/8 in
Overall Length 62 in
Overall Width 10-1/2 in